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BACK [21 Dec 2008|03:07pm]
Quebec was fucking awesome. I've learned so much about myself, and Eliane managed to slap A LOT of sense into me. She cannot truly know how much I appriciate her. <3
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[03 Nov 2008|07:38am]
PROP 8 is going to PASS! Thank God. The Bible says that homosexuality is a SIN. If you don't agree, you don't believe the Bible. You can't make up your religion. God loves ALL of US, but, he has rules and expectations. He doesn't want men sleeping with men. He calls that an abomination and says that NO HOMOSEXUAL will enter the kingdom of Heaven. How can you deny that ? It's written ALL throught the Bible. This is not my opinion, it's Gods!

Posted by: MIke5050 | November 04, 2008 at 10:22 PM

Fuck morons like this. I was going to make a post about Obama winning, but I read this and it kind of killed my mood.
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An October To (Hopefully) Remember. [09 Oct 2008|03:57am]
This is going to be a hell of a month. As of now, shit isn't going well for me when it comes to just about everything. I'm trying my damndest to keep a smile on my face. Don't look into that statement and think I have suicidal intentions and I'm forcing my facial muscles upward. I'm not depressed, I just feel that in the current state of time I'm walking through a tunnel of ladders and black cats are pissing all over my shoes. Everyone's been pretty busy, too. I haven't seen Jake in three weeks. I used to hang out with him everyday.

I'm seriously having a lot of fun, though. Bad things happen, they always do. It's abundant in the young October, but there's a lot of things keeping a smile on my face and the people keeping my sanity know just who they are. Thank you dawgs. <3

THE PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES ARE IN THE NLCS. You've got no idea how amazing that is for me. We play the Dodgers tomorrow in Game 1, and I honestly don't have hopes that high. We had a tough time hitting, and Manny and the Dodgers have had no problem doing that. Oh well, TEAM SPIRIT~!

I need a fucking job. Anyone need a young hot 20 year old to do whatever you want to? Just nothing with the ass.

I'm tired. I've shockingly been going to sleep early, and I'll continue that trend. JoeBama 08'~
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[21 Sep 2008|06:48am]
Big changes are coming to this journal.
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[21 Jul 2008|07:19pm]
We need to lock registration on Wonderland.
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evanbournevanbournevanebourne [08 Jul 2008|09:57pm]
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westlin post [02 Jul 2008|06:12pm]
I only follow Dragon Gate, CHIKARA, and WWE now. Why is wrestling so fucking AWESOME right now?

It's like I've finally gotten over the Benoit and Guerrero stigma.
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CM MOTHERFUCKING PUNK [01 Jul 2008|12:48am]


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Beep. [08 Feb 2008|04:32pm]
Comment with 10 things you like that begin with a letter given to you by someone blahblah. I'll give you a letter, meepmeep.

I got "W" from Barrison Cade.

1. Wii
2. WWE
3. Wakamoto Norio
4. wally_kun
5. Jayson Werth
6. Wataru Inoue
7. Within Temptation
8. Wonderland
9. Wilhelmina
10. Will Ferrell

That was actually harder than "Z". XD
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[03 Feb 2008|01:02am]
WHY does no one want to talk to me?
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[02 Feb 2008|02:22am]
I don't know, consider it a spur of the moment depression, but I feel so...alone lately. I don't know, I just feel like I've alienated just about everyone except my family, who I feel really close to right now. Still, the lonliness hurts.
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Current Thoughts. [27 Jan 2008|11:34pm]

Quadruple fucking nigger.
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[22 Jan 2008|04:49pm]
Holy shit, Heath Ledger's dead...
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[13 Jan 2008|03:09pm]
I'm a democrat.

I'm not a conservative.

I'm just simply not buying into the Obama hype.
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How to cut a real promo. [09 Jan 2008|12:57am]

I love Eddie Kingston. He's not only an awesome wrestler, but he's probably the most "real" guy out there in wrestling today. Jason (Not Wonderland Jason. :P), can you see the ECW Foley similarities here too?

King is the man. <3
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Catching up and moving on foward... [04 Jan 2008|01:42am]
First off, I hope everyone had a good Christmas and a very happy New Year. Lots of contributing factors resulted in me not getting my cards out, but I'm going to get them mailed out tomorrow. My Christmas was really good. It's always good to get presents and have goofy times with your family! My New Year's was good too, as I got to hang out with friends and play Scene It. Good stuff all around!

Secondly, I'd like to thank everyone for their continued support with the death of my cousin David. Apparently, because my entry was titled 'David Kapral', it was the number one Google search result because of that. My entire non-immediate family, as well as people from newstations and personal friends of David went on to read it. My parents have been getting calls left and right about how beautiful it was and how well-written my feelings were. That's fine and excellent, but it was never intended to be that way! It was just me venting in my personal journal. Either way, I'm really happy about that, because it touched people, and that makes me smile. David was a good person, and hopefully he can live through me as I push forward as strongly as I can.

2008 is going to be completely new territory for me, I think. I'm treading towards the end of my teen years, and I've got a lot on my plate that I want to get accomplished this year. I'll save that for another entry. 2007 was an ok year, I believe. Until the very end, I thought it was 'could have been better, could have been much worse' kind of year. I'm going in with the mindset and mentality that I want to change my life for the better and truly stick with the resolutions that I made. It's hard to stick with them and people rarely do, but who knows? I may end up keeping them without thinking hard about them.

Oh! The 1/04 Tokyo Dome Show is today! The basis of the card is New Japan vs. TNA, and the card is more stacked than a breakfast burito at Hardees. I'll try to make the next few entries about what's been going on in my world, and my goals for 2008. Until then, yep!
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David Kapral. [30 Dec 2007|11:42am]
As people close to me may or may not know, my cousin David Kapral died this morning. I should end it there, because at this point I'm completely drained. I've devoid of all human emotion, but I'm going to try my damndest. At 3:00 AM this morning, he was out on the road on Roosevelt Boulevard. Anyone who knows Philly streets knows this one is the absolute worst. I...I'm at a total loss. I was woken up to my mom crying, and eventually she broke the news to the whole house. Never has a death struck me this hard. I was too young to understand when my Pop-Pop died. My Nana was ailing for a while, and when she died I knew she was truly at peace. But David...David was only 18 FUCKING YEARS OLD. The kid was a year younger than I was. He was too young to be taken, god damn it. And now.......I'm at a loss for my own life. I know it's death, and people get over it eventually, but David was more than a cousin. He was a best friend to me. He was a brother to me.

I'm crying right now, because the last time I saw him was Christmas Eve. For 3 minutes. Him, his girlfriend, and Steven were leaving, and the last thing he ever said to me was, "See ya, Man". I just can't imagine how my Aunt Lisa and Uncle Dave are feeling right now. He left behind his 2 brothers and sister. I can't imagine what they're feeling right now. When I heard the news, I started shaking, stumbling. My dad nearly fainted. The mood here is hard to describe, I just wish it was all a bad dream.

I wrote this on his MySpace:

I can't believe this happened, man. Dave, there's so many things I regret in life, but #1 is not going to visit your house on my birthday 3 days ago. It crossed my mind, and I hate myself to death for it. I love you with all of my heart, man. You always pushed me to be a better person, and I hope I can be half as good as you were.

We're going to be cousins forever. Watch over Nick, Alyssa, and Steven for me. Your parents, too. Watch over me, Gina, and everyone who loved you. I'll never forget you, and I want to thank you for making my life better, even though it was short on Earth.

Cousins till the end, man. I love you, and I miss you.

Thank you David for everything.

He always was the cooler one between us, haha.

I love you man.
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THEY TRIED TO MAKE ME GO TO REHAB [22 Dec 2007|12:20am]
Ok, weird story at work today. I was checking the computer to see how many copies of Rush Hour 3 we got in, when this guy in a suit comes over to me. Now he was a clean cut guy, but he reeked so hard of alcohol I just wanted to spray Febreeze on him and send him on his way. He was drunk, so how does a drunk man get my attention? Of course! By nailing me on my fucking shoulder as hard as he possibly can.


Uh, Ike Turner?


...Yeah, I have all of his stuff he was pretty good! He died on Monday I think.


That way over there in the 'F' Section


Now, he had gotten the attention of another lady who was also a complete stranger to him, and started up a conversation. Now, the Best Buy I work at has absolutely no bar in sight, so I'm left to wonder. Was this guy drinking in his fucking car? Who knows, but it was entertaining!

I just about got all of my shopping done, and we got our tree! We just need to set it up now. <3
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December 19th. Already. Winter depression? [19 Dec 2007|03:48pm]
I have some questions I want people to be honest about. When I say 'honest', I don't just mean telling the truth. I also mean not skipping over this entry without commenting regardless of what you think. I also don't mean not telling me the whole truth. If you don't feel like telling me everything or why, just say a one word answer. You could even say 'a little'. I'm just curious.

Am I a jerk? Am I becoming a jerk? Have I lost my touch? Am I funny anymore? Am I not a fun person to talk to?

Seriously, I'm wondering that. A lot of stuff I do is still going un-noticed and it's really annoying to see. I see a lot of liars say, "No, this isn't a beg for attention". Well guess what? This is. I live and thrive for attention. For me, live is about living for the moment, and I strive for it if you know what I mean. Put me in a room full of people, and I'm going to try and be the loudest, the funniest, and try my damndest to entertain people.

You are sociable, outgoing, energetic, and lively. You prefer to be around people much of the time. You can be easily upset, even by what people consider the normal demands of living. People consider you to be sensitive and emotional. Novelty, variety, and change spice up your life and make you a curious, imaginative, and creative person. You have a strong interest in others' needs and well-being. You are pleasant, sympathetic, and cooperative. You like to live for the moment and do what feels good now. Your work tends to be careless and disorganized.

I still remember to this day a report on my after an extensive personality test. I said it fit me to a T then, and I say it fits me to a T now. I think the differences between than and now are that while I feel I can express myself much better and more articulately, I feel as if I'm not as happy as I used to be. A lot of things contribute to that, including jealousy, which lead me down a road of chain reactions that lead to me calling someone something which resulted in a friendship to go south. I think I'm simply a natrual-born entertainer, and not unlikely to that sort of personality, I hate rejection in any form. If I say a joke and it doesn't go over, I don't take it well. If I'm ignored, I freak. I hate absolutely nothing more in life than being ignored. Sometimes it's the way to go for people and it's understandable, but I'm just not the type of person who travels that road. My view on it is that even resorting to name-calling and insults is much better than ignoring when it comes to dealing with situations. It brings out emotions and helps to understand the feelings behind the person and how they feel. Comparing two types of friends of mine, I have someone with who I scuffled with, chose the path of ignorance, and nothing has been working out since. I have a friend I seldom scuffle with, but it's worked out through emotion and talking. It's really the best medicene. What's ignoring do? When a person ignores me, all I want to do is scrape the ice cubes off their cold shoulder. If you're trying to do something and someone is being annoying, I think it's best to ignore. But when you're trying to work something out Nay nay. So rejection aside, I try to be there for people. I know I sometimes let my personal demons such as jealousy, bitterness, and irritablity get the best of me, but I really don't want that. I feel as if on the internet, on certain fourms, in real life, in my "IRL" and "Internet" circles of friends, in this livejournal, in this entry, and in this run-on sentance, that I've painted a self- portrait that looks nothing like me. I just hope in the eyes of many, I'm not this irritable person who's always the first "go-to-guy" when something annoying rears it's head. Regardless of what version of me people see, I just want them to see the great friend, and the caring, funny, version of me that's willing to do anything to make someone smile.

Whew! It seems that regardless of the content, I'm finally using this journal as a way to express my true emotions in a way that I like. It only took me quite some time. XD

In other news, it's December 19th and we don't have a Christmas tree yet!
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An open letter to Comcast Communications. [18 Dec 2007|11:48pm]
So yes, if you know me well enough, I hate smear campaigns. If you know me even better, you know I'm also rather forgiving if I like the "more supreme" product being presented. I hate Macs not only for their awful ad campaigns, but I don't like them because I think they're shitty computers. That's not my Microsoft loyalty, I have none of that. I work with them at work and I don't think I could ever find myself getting used to one no matter how much time it took. I hate Altell wireless, but this time it's because simply how they bash the competition. They chose to make fun of Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile, when they're not even the Sixth-ranked network.

But I'm getting off-track here. I'm forgiving of Comcast because even though they make fun of DSL, I find the commercials really funny, and I have nothing against DSL, either. So why am I angry? The service is going out quite a bit, but it's only for a few minutes. This happens a few times a week. I know it's nothing on my end, because calling 1-800 Comcast tells me they're "undergoing system maintinence" to give you the best possible service". That's fine and dandy, I can live with that. But when they undergo "system maintinence" for over four hours? That's uh, annoying. Nothing happened. Not a server crash, not a power failure, no bad weather, nothing excuseable. Just "routine maintinence" to make sure we have the fastest possible service". Not only was it done at time when everyone in the area is up and such, but they did it when I was expressing myself to someone. Bam, cut off just like it's done on a sitcom. Couldn't they have WAITED UNTIL A LATER TIME LIKE 3:00 AM FOR THEIR BULLCORN SERVICE?


Do you think the Slowsky's and their SUPER-SLOOOOOOW DSL is down for "routine matinence"? AW HELL NAW
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