Tony AKA THE MAN. (kazara) wrote,

Current Thoughts.

Quadruple fucking nigger.
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haha, "jesus christ" doesn't even do justice. it's just totally bullshit and once again john cena overcomes the odds.
I think both our jaws hit the floor when he came out. XD

My dad was going nuts, but we were just there...pissed. XD
*grin* Hater. XD
Come on, man. Did he really need to win this to be guarenteed a spot? Poor Taker and Rey won and they didn't even get their main main event shot. :P

I'm just sick of him being shoved down my throat, and everyone else's throat. I wouldn't mind it if he wasn't winning everything left and right.
(LOL) We're always gonna disagree on the subject of Cena. XD

Did he really need to win it? No. But I marked out hard for it (and I'm sure that's what Vince knew everyone would do--react big one way or another), despite me being sick. And then I paid the price for my marking out, as I ended up going to the toilet afterwards to throw up all that excitement. X_X
I admit I did mark out for Cena, with a "WHAT THE FUCK?!" thrown in there. I'll admit it, I got swerved. But come, coming in at 30, winning it just like that? My marking out turned into the sickness of knowing that he'd win it all. I also thought it was a fake John Cena, because I was like, "Wasn't he hurt?".

At least we both got sick from John Cena winning! :)
At least we both got sick from John Cena winning! :)

XD! i want to kill right now.
Yeah, admittedly, I thought it was a fake Cena at first, too, 'cause his head was all ducked down and his hat was covering his face. I guess the WWE swerved us all, telling the internet marks he wouldn't be back in time for 'Mania.

Yes. Quite literally. XD
Yeah, the reaction he has in the image at the top clearly shows he's saying, "It's me". XD

Not including Wrestlemania XX, Benoit and Eddie's deaths, among MAYBE a few other things, I've never seen the internet implode like this. XD
Oh yeah, man... as soon as Cena came out, I KNEW the internet fans would be all over this like melting butter. XD
Welcome back to the Cena era. >_
Thank you. You get it. XD