Tony AKA THE MAN. (kazara) wrote,

An October To (Hopefully) Remember.

This is going to be a hell of a month. As of now, shit isn't going well for me when it comes to just about everything. I'm trying my damndest to keep a smile on my face. Don't look into that statement and think I have suicidal intentions and I'm forcing my facial muscles upward. I'm not depressed, I just feel that in the current state of time I'm walking through a tunnel of ladders and black cats are pissing all over my shoes. Everyone's been pretty busy, too. I haven't seen Jake in three weeks. I used to hang out with him everyday.

I'm seriously having a lot of fun, though. Bad things happen, they always do. It's abundant in the young October, but there's a lot of things keeping a smile on my face and the people keeping my sanity know just who they are. Thank you dawgs. <3

THE PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES ARE IN THE NLCS. You've got no idea how amazing that is for me. We play the Dodgers tomorrow in Game 1, and I honestly don't have hopes that high. We had a tough time hitting, and Manny and the Dodgers have had no problem doing that. Oh well, TEAM SPIRIT~!

I need a fucking job. Anyone need a young hot 20 year old to do whatever you want to? Just nothing with the ass.

I'm tired. I've shockingly been going to sleep early, and I'll continue that trend. JoeBama 08'~
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